Imperial College London

Computing - Artificial Intelligence (MEng)

2017 - 2021

First Year

Modules: Programming (Java, C, Haskell), Databases, Hardware, Mathematical Methods, Graphs and Algorithms, Architecture, Logic, Discrete Structures, Reasoning about Programs

First Year Overall Grade: A


  • Created an informative website on a research topic (Computer Vision)
  • Implemented an ARM emulator, assembler and assembly program in C

Second Year

Modules: Programming (C++, Prolog), Operating Systems, Algorithms 2, Compilers, Networks, Software Engineering Design, Intro to Model-Based AI, Probability & Statistics, Models of Computation

Second Year Overall Grade: A


  • PintOS - Strengthened support in thread scheduling and added virtual memory implementation
  • WACC - Designed and implemented a compiler with optimisations for a simple While language
  • cinect - Designed a group movie selection mobile application using React Native, Django and a PostgreSQL database

Third Year

Modules: Robotics, Type Systems for Programming Languages, Computer Vision, Intro to ML, Logic-based Learning, Business Economics (+ some others I've not decided on yet)


  • Software Engineering Group Project - Crowd-sourcing agent-based machine learning algorithms using prediction marketplaces implemented on a blockchain
  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for Programming - Held weekly small group tutorials for first year students learning Haskell and Java.



Singapore Society Musical Production 2018

Participated in the Singsoc orientation camp as an Orientation Group Leader

I was also the Academic Representative for Computing and Mathematics in second year.

Parkour Soc

Parkour Soc Events Officer, 2018/2019


As part of the Imperial Horizons Course, I took Entrepreneurship and Spanish courses.